Faith is like this hat

Faith is like this hat.

This is my hat. It’s a tricorn, which is pretty traditional as a hat worn by a malthian goes, but it’s nice, it fits me, and I’ve tried other hats, but this one works best for me.

Your hat? Can be whatever you like. Mine’s a tricorn, and my faith is of the Weaver.

This is not my original hat. Every so often, something happens in my life that causes me to lose my hat. In one case, I lot of people died in the place i was in, and I lost my hat for a while. Soon I had a slightly different hat.

I show my hat to other people, let them try it on, see what they think of themselves in my hat, if my hat is the right hat for them. Some of them are convinced that it is, and get a hat somewhat like it. Others find a new style of hat – more severe, better balanced, more pointy – and I am happy to help them on the path to the right hat. Others wear no hat at all, which is a shame, because the world is warmer with a hat on.

My hat would hardly be recognisable by the person who sold it to me, now. Wrapped around it is a red ribbon of the Lover, given to me by someone who knew better. In the ribbon is a feather that I didn’t earn, which represents something I didn’t do. It is a foolish feather, though, and so I keep it. The hat is covered by the dust of the road as well, where the world conspires to rip my hat from my head, and I have to go back and fetch it. it is crumpled, dusty and the wrong colour, but it is my hat, and it has bent to fit me.

However, you have your own hat. Your actual hat is nothing like mine, dashing though it is, but your metaphorical hat can be the same as mine as you join the faith of my lady.

Could you give me your True Name, please?