It is abundantly clear that it’s not Ms Geary’s shoes that are at risk this evening. The Ankh, she says, referring to the combination Orochi research base and tar-pit deep in the deserts of Egypt, needs looking into. Today, I am her top agent. Today, it is my job. Yesterday it was someone else’s, and they are… not the top agent anymore. Such is advancement in the Illuminati. Being the top agent, I’m not stupid enough to go in alone.

As we descended deeper into the Ankh, the Filth on the walls got thicker. The lights are broken, the stairs are cracked, the employees of Oriachi who used to work here are… infected. But the radio tannoy system works, and there’s a dangerous lunatic on the DJ station.

He claims that daily doses of the filth have made him immune to it. Perhaps in the same way sufficient Vodka makes you immune to standing up.

He does appear to have control over those annoying purple orb things which seem to be able to disconnect me from my ability to wield anima. A strange feeling, and stranger still to describe to my former self, I suppose. Deeper we go.

Slow going though this tar stuff down the facility, especially with all the stairs out. I can’t imagine what it’s like for people who _can’t_ fall a thousand feet with no ill effects.

My life before the bees was dull, but at least the spiders were less than twelve feet tall.

…and the bouncers less than a hundred feet. Good grief, my head’s barely to his big toe…

…when I objected to twelve foot high spiders, exchanging them for thirty foot high spiders made of filth was not the aim.

And back to the giant again.

What does it say about my life that I can file a report that says “Found ancient Atan temple. Orochi have Orochi’d all over it, and the scientist found the Filth and went native. Cleaned up, cleaned out. Suspect this might be where they found the box to use on Tokyo, may be worth a chat with the Kingdom.”

Anyway, all over now. Insert one rocket, and call me in the morning.

Holiday snap from my vacation in Egypt attached. I wish I’d thought to wear something other than white, but it does make me really appreciate the Illuminati dry cleaning service.

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