Born to be Bard

Tripped, fell, landed on a caravan.

I appear to have become an adventurer, which will please my parents no end. The same caravan that brought me in a few years ago is doing the rounds again, and so I’ve hopped on it – alongside some friends – to be guard duty for it. Possibly not the best idea we’ve ever had, given that the second day we got jumped by about twenty goblin things. Managed to fight them off without a scratch, though it’s beginining to worry me how I seem to be unable to use the bow outside the practice range.

Anyway, I got to bash off a few of them, though Stephanie – a halfling – managed to do a somersault off a wagon to – I’m told – drive her sword though a goblin’s head. Impressive, and I’m glad she appears to be on our side.

Stephanie sets upon a goblin
Stephanie sets upon a goblin

Otherwise, we’ve got a personable Dragon warrior in the form of “Call me Dave”, a somewhat boundary-stalking mage, and a quiet but effective dwarf. We’ve been asked to deliver some letters on the way, but in a record-breaking start, no bugger’s heard of the guy we’re supposed to be delivering the first to, this despite that he used to be in charge, which is a bit on the outside edge of believability to be honest. However, we leave in the morning, so no chance to investigate it more tonight. I’m going to try to get some sleep so if we get jumped tomorrow I’ve got more of a chance of getting out scratch-less again.