I’d known this was my final night in the pub I’d not have told the ritualist about the taint. It would have been more fun to find out the other way.

I’d have said goodbye.

I didn’t get to say goodbye last time, I don’t think. I suspect I just went. It was a game, and I like games. Yes. Games.

I’m fine. by the way. I am far away, for a purpose. I haven’t had a purpose for a long time, and then three come along at once, one to find what happened to Folly, one to help Tabitha get to grips with a block of your head not being there, and then this new quest, and I don’t really know what will happen to that yet.

I am away. I will not be back soon, although time works differently here, so I may be back soon for you. I wonder who will miss me, and who will look. You don’t need to look, really. I’m not where you’re looking. I’m not a big part of the bar, I don’t have the encyclopedic knowledge of the bar’s history of Ariane or Matt, and nobody’s going to erect a statue in the square to a confused – and confusing – fire mage who you’ve never seen cast a single fire spell.

You can’t read this letter, because I cannot write it, but the impossible’s never stopped anyone here. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got people to see.

Games to play.

Faithfully yours,

Panama, Phillip.