On leaping the walls and arresting the bad guys

The Super Strength thing really kicked in last week when me and my trainer finally worked out the kinks in my powers and I was able to do the whole “Leaping tall buildings” thing officially. The hardest part of the test was learning to steer in mid-air so I don’t land on any Zeroes. (Technically we’re not allowed to call them Zeroes. They are “Unpowered civilians” or just Civilians”) but finally I have my Leap licence, and will be allowed to jump from rooftop to rooftop, which makes getting to these invaded offices a hell of a lot easier.

I still haven’t got to grips with the whole “Arrest” thing. The same technology that saves a hero from a terrible end (basically we’re teleported to the hospital automatically when we’re about to snuff it) means we never actually get to get any real revenge on the people who are terrorising the city. They get automatically sent to this huge sheilded pit somewhere north of Volta or something on the moment of death. Apparently this trick only works while they’re unconcious (Why the lowest minion can resist all the teleportation power Portal Corp can offer while me – a level 16 hero no less – can be immobalized by one of those Thorn pillocks is just one of those questions for the ages), so we’re sent in to beat them up a bit first. And no, nobody knows how they keep getting out again. I don’t ask these questions, that’s Statesman’s problem.

Search for Trent continues regardless. There’s nobody called “Trent Rayne” registered in the city, but in the City Of Alter Egos that’s not really a suprise. I kind of wish I hadn’t blown Laura off before I left. As much as I love her, I can’t ever bring her here. It’s just too dangerous for a normal person. The heroes aren’t really the brave ones, we have superpowers to deal with these bastards, it’s the little people who stick to the ground and live every day in the knowledge that there’s a 40% probablity they’ll be captured by the Circle of Thorns or Vaz’s minions at some point in their life. It’s a real blitz spirit, and I respect them. Still, I wish Laura was around, she’d know what to do to find Trent…

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